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Surf Fishing Rods to Land Your Favorite Catch From a Distance

Choosing a surf fishing rod for yourself might seem a daunting task at the outset. What with the variety of options available that make you spoilt for choice. However, if you devote a little time to thinking about the various aspects of a surf fishing rod, it won’t be difficult to get a good rod that suits your budget. We have here a list of those important deciding factors and some of the best of the lot with their pros and cons.

Surf Fishing Rods

What Factors To Consider Before Buying a Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod


Surf rods can be pretty large, their lengths ranging from 9-14 feet. Go for a length that is easy for you to wield. Also, think about the collapsibility of the rod. Meaning, can the rod be easily stored? With such large sizes, look for rods that can be easily taken apart and again put back. They are convenient for travel too. Note that the length significantly influences the casting distance that, in turn, has an important role to play in surf fishing where the goal is to present the lure or bait beyond the breaking waves.


It should be made of durable material, be flexible and sensitive. Since you are dealing with larger fishing equipment, accidents are likely to happen. So choose rods that would last. Those made of graphite, fiberglass and composites are the most common. The fiberglass ones are more durable, stronger and cheaper than graphite ones. But the graphite surf fishing rods are more sensitive and lightweight (making them ideal for catching perch). The composite rods combine the strengths of both.

Action or Speed

The action or speed of the rod is where it bends or tapers when pressure is applied to its tip. One with a fast action bends near the tip while the one that bends from the center has a slow action. Medium speed rods bend somewhere in between.

A rod with a faster action gives a more accurate casting, is more sensitive and increases the chances of turning in big fish. Since they load up faster, quickly transferring the energy from the rod to the fish, they can provide more solid hook sets. They are the best bet for casting lures since they deliver the suitable tip speed to whip the small lures to longer distances.

On the other hand, you can achieve a greater casting distance with the slower and medium action rods since they load up during a cast. There are better chances of keeping the fish hooked up if there is a big fight. They also excel in tossing live bait by reducing the chances of slinging the bait off during the cast, something that is difficult to achieve with a faster action rod. Medium action surf rods are the best for beginners.

Target Fish Type

The features of your surf fishing rod should befit the species of fish that you intend to catch. The specifications of your rod will vary depending on the size of the fish. The larger the fish, the larger the size of the rod you should use as it affords more leverage. If you don’t have any particular fish in mind, just go with a general purpose rod.


The power or weight of a fishing rod is the amount of pressure that is required to bend it. Manufacturers list it in the product specifications in the range of heavy to light. Being a surf fisher, your rod power should usually be somewhere in the medium-heavy and medium-light range. For example, if you are after stripers, get a medium-heavy rod. The heavy action rods suit sharks, bull reds, tarpons etc.

Type of Rod

There can be casting and spinning surf fishing rods. The difference lies in the type of reels they use. The first one uses a conventional reel while the second, a spinning one. Casting rods boast of a stronger top-end drag, greater casting distance, and ability to work with heavy weights. However, it suffers from backlashes that is eliminated by spinning rods that are much simpler to use. However, line twists and inability to cope with heavy weights are the flip sides of the latter.

5 Best Surf Fishing Rods

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods


Come with one year warranty. Made up of fiberglass. Have a good length that makes it possible to catch fish a long distance away.


Though it is corrosion resistant, you need to strictly adhere to a proper maintenance routine to enjoy it for a longer period. In case you want to return a damaged product bought on Amazon, you got to pay for the delivery of the new one.

Final Word:

If you want a sturdy fishing tool for all fish types, this one will get your back.

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Casting and Spinning Rods


Available in a series of lengths from 9-12 inches with the power ranging from medium to heavy. Graphite composition ensures high sensitivity. Two-piece design offers easy portability.


Large and heavy rods. The longer models can be a bit stiffer than some may like.

Final Word:

High quality, versatile fishing rods that come at a reasonable price.

Fiblink 2-Piece Surf Spinning Fishing Rod


Boasts of good construction and alignment that increases the functionality. Graphite build. Can be used when fishing from a boat.


It needs more effort and special care for a good maneuver.

Final Word:

The lightweight design is travel friendly and suited to both fishing from the shore or a boat.

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod


The professional design comes with 1 year warranty. The precisely aligned guides facilitate a long cast. The powerful and durable graphite rod comes in different sizes (9-13.3 feet). Good customer service.


Wears quickly if used regularly without proper maintenance.

Final Word:

If you want quick, hassle-free surf fishing, go with this one.

St Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rods


Superior craftsmanship. Graphite construction. Weight-saving surf guides provide better rod balance preventing fatigue. Moderately fast action ensures rock-solid hook sets.


Price is almost double that of its competitors.

Final Word:

Though the price is on the higher side, its long-distance casting ability is top-notch.

Equipped with the right fishing gear, you can look forward to hours of unadulterated bliss fishing from the shore without compromising on your family time. We say so as surf fishing would be a lot more fun and excitement with your kids around.

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